The Latest Designs and Ideas

 for One-Man Cattle Corrals 

Dozens of brilliant ideas from 'down under'to incorporate into your new or existing corral.

  'These are the best ideas for working cattle I have ever seen."  Jerry S. Texas.

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            Safe Cattle Handling


 In the hundreds of corrals I've worked in I've seen more accidents in the crowding pen than anywhere else.  A raised central walkway like this eliminates the need to get into the pen - making it much safer.  It's makes for a clean comfortable area to work in. And cattle naturally circle around you into the chute.

 There are 5 different 'centre platform' designs including:

*  One where the gate moves only anti-clockwise - so theres no need to return the gate. This allows you to fill the pen behind the gate - saving time.

*  A centre platform pen with two chutes - swing the gate anti-clockwise to fill the first chute, and clockwise to fill the second chute. This system greatly speeds up cattle handling.  

     See package # 3 for full details of all 5  'central platform' designs.




Gate L 1

How One-Man Corrals Began

  A New Zealand farm magazine was offering $10 for a good farm idea. I'd been disease testing cattle in New Zealand for 17 years and had worked in hundreds of different cattle corrals, so I draw up 11 different ideas for gates, latches and chutes, and sent them in. I thought they might use a couple of them.

Well not only did they use all the ideas, they made it into their feature article (front page) - and paid me $150.00 for it! I started taking cattle corral designing a little more seriously, and within 3 years I had left my secure Government job and was designing cattle corrals full time. My “One-Man” corrals worked so well they featured in many magazines in New Zealand and Australia, and then later in the U.S. and Canada . They have to date featured in over 50 cattle magazine articles in 5 countries.

I have since added over 100 new ideas to those original 11, and put them into the packages below - along with 18 of the best One-Man and 2-Man layouts (scale plans). Cost-saving and safety are the major focus of my designs along with with low-labor cattle handling.





 "My neighbors were impressed with the ease of sorting...." Bill, Canada.






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I built one of your yards (corrals) 10 years ago and I still get a buzz out of working in them. Graham D. New Zealand

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