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How One Man Corrals started


 wwwtubMar2013 I'd been disease testing cattle in New Zealand for 17 years and had worked in hundreds of different cattle corrals and had lots of thoughts and ideas on how to improve many of the corrals I'd worked in.

A national magazine was offering $10 for a good farm idea so I draw up 11 different ideas for gates, latches and chutes, and sent them in. I thought they might use a couple of them.

Not only did they use all 11 ideas, they made it into their feature article (front page) - and paid me $150.00 for it! I started taking cattle corral designing a little more seriously.

Within 3 years I had left that secure Government job and was designing cattle corrals full time. My “One-Man” corrals worked so well they featured in many magazines, initially  in New Zealand and Australia, and then later in the U.S. and Canada . They have to date featured in over 50 cattle magazine articles in 5 countries.

I have added over 100 new ideas to those original 11, and put them into the packages below - along with 18 of the best One-Man layouts (scale plans).

Cost-saving and safety are the major focus of my designs. And low-labor cattle handling.




If you are looking for low-cost, low-labor corral designs ( corral layouts, corral plans, stockyard designs )

or a cheaper alternative to cattle panels, we can help.



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 The rudder - my mental intention – such a small device

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But a rudder becomes more effective -

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