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Cattle Corral Designs & Ideas


Exciting new ideas for low-labor cattle handling -


for new or existing corrals,



* 15 ways to make a corral safer, 

* 20 ways to reduce corral labor,

* 22 ways to cut buildiing costs (by up to 1/3 ! ),

* 15 ways to improve cattle flow, including

8 ways to entice cattle through your corral.


Plus 18 "One-Man" layouts that incorperate these ideas.


(180 diagrams - available for immediate download )



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"These plans are really good and we will build many corrals of this model in Texas." Joe R, USA.

"I don't know where you get your ideas but darn they work". Phillip G, USA.

"I really appreciate your ideas let me tell you. Great ideas to save money. Ron P, SC, USA

"These are the best ideas for working cattle I have ever seen."  Jerry S, TX, USA.

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Any questions call me on (61) 481-188-656 (7pm CST is 11am here in Australia) or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (I'll reply within 24 hrs).

Happy to give free advice on any corral design issues - cattle flow, materials, safety...

My experience ? - 17 years working in 100s of corrals, and then 25 years designing corrals.  


 Safe Chute Gate




There are 3 different size packages.

Each package comes in 3 forms - ONLINE, BOOK or CD

 The ONLINE packages you immediatey;

  the book and CD - takes 10-14 days. 

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 There are 2 options for viewing the ONLINE cattle corral packages.


Option 1.  Free look 

As I've done for 25 years I can send you either of the 2 smaller online packages for a 7-day free look.

If you think it's value for money you pay for it (see prices below) if not I trust that you will delete the designs from your computer.


Option 2.  Buy with a 100% money back guarantee. 

If the ideas alone don't save you many times the cost of your package I'll refund you immediately. 




Immediate download - PDF format

(Prices are in US dollars)


6 layouts + 40 ideas  .....US $35.00

(60 diagrams)  


The 6 layouts are for 10-30 head.



12 layouts + 80 ideas ....US $55.00

(120 diagrams)



The 80 ideas include the ideas in package 1

Plus I'll add extra layouts to suit your herd size - free.



18 layouts +120 ideas (180 diagrams) .... US $77.00 *



Package #3 includes all the ideas in 1 & 2.

Most of the ideas are relevent to any size corral

I'll add layouts to suit your herd size - free.


Immediate download (PDF) 


Ideas that keep saving you money for the life of your corral. 




* At just 0.65c per idea the online package saves you $42.00 on the book (below).  Plus you have it immediately. 

Also it's harder to lose (unless you lose your computer), plus you can add to or alter the plans before printing them.

(placing them in a plastic pocket binder keeps them clean & dfry)

* The packages in PDF format - easy to download and print.

* I can add layouts that handle cattle & sheep/goats together to any package free.

* If the ideas don't save you hundreds of dollars in materials alone I'll give you an immediate refund, no questions.

* You have the option of paying in Aussie, Canadian, Euro, S.African, Brazilian or N.Z. currency (below)

* If you'd prefer to pay by cash (U.S. notes OK) just tell me you've mailed it and I'll send your package on trust.

* If the PayPal button doesn't work for you (it happens occasionallly) please  email me and I'll send you an invoice that you can pay online to get your package. 


Any questions call me on (61) 481-188-656 (7pm CST is 11am here in Australia)  or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


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Young men soon learn, force doesn’t work.
Though a quick result you may get
her trust you’ve lost,
and she’ll not forget.


More feedback

"I'm fascinated by your designs and have shown them to many friends."  Charlie G, USA.

"Thank you for your great ideas, many people are impressed". Nathan T, USA.A.

"These designs will save me thousands of dollars....I'm impressed   Laurie K, New Zealand.

"Wow, you have lots of fine ideas, Charlie wrote outthe check after looking at the first 5 pages."  Linda C, MO, USA. (when I used to ship the books on trust).

"My neighbors are impressed with the ease of sorting and lack of stress on cattle and cowboys." Bill W. Canada.

"The cowboys are amazed at the speed they are able to handle cattle now..." Anna H, Mexico.

"Cattle flow so well we don't even use sticks any more." Gary M, N.Z.

"I've been a cattleman and fencer all my life and was impressed with what I saw." Dave Y, USA. ("He's read it over and over, he's obsessed."  Mrs Dave Y.)

"I found these plans exciting and practical for anyone in the cattle business."  Marvin J.(beef advisor) USA

"Your booklet is excellent and very clearly laid out, even for a novice like me." M.D, Australia.

"I am most impressed by the beauty and functionality of your designs." Roy S, USA.

"Your designs are the best I have seen so far and I've looked at quite a few." Jim E, USA.

"Almost every page I turn I get another idea." Charles W, NZ

"I really appreciate your designs let me tell you....great ideas to save money." Ron P. USA.

"Best money I've spent in ages."  Pauline C. (N.Z.)

"Dave (the vet) says they're the best yards he's worked in and tells everyone about them." Alex H, NZ.

"Exactly what I've been looking for but could never find." Dave T. USA.

"....very impressive to say the least."  Eddie V, USA.

"Firstly congratulations on your first class cattleyard plans, and secondly congratulations on the way they work."  Doug J, NZ.

"These plans are good and we will build many corrals of this model in Texas."  Joe R. USA.

"The plans are just awesome."  Fred L, USA

"Almost every page I turn I get another idea."   Charles W, New Zealand. 

"Brilliant to work in, ideal for drafting (sorting) cattle." Val E, NZ.

"Wonderful....simple instructions, great ideas." Barry H, Canada.

"Your designs have revolutionized my ideas on cattleyards." John O, N.Z.

"I have worked cattle all my life and knew there was an easier way." Stuart S, USA

"I built one of your yards (corrals) 10 years ago and still get a buzz out of working in them". Graham D. N.Z.

     (all unsolicited testimonies, full names and addresses available on request)



BOOKS    (10-14 day delivery )


Book with 6 layouts + 40$59.00

Book with 12 layouts + 80$79.00

Book with 18 layouts +120 ideas$119.00


CD's    (10-14 day delivery)


CD with 6 layouts + 40 ideas$47.00
CD with 12 layouts + 80 ideas$65.00

CD with 18 layouts +120 ideas$85.00

 (all prices include p & h)


Any one of the ideas can save you many times the cost of the package.


Safer Crowding Pens

I've seen more accidents in crowding pens than anywhere else. Just that most of them require you to get in the pen with the cattle.

So I designed this raised central platform which eliminates the need to get into the pen - making it much safer.  Cattle naturally circle around you into the chute, and it's much easier to move between pen and chute.

  There are 5 different versions of this design, including:

*  A centre platform pen with a full circle gate which moves only anti-clockwise - so theres no need to return the gate. This allows you to fill the pen behind the gate - saving time.

*  A centre platform pen with two chutes - swing the gate anti-clockwise to fill chute 1, and clockwise to fill chute 2.   This system greatly speeds up cattle handling.  

Package # 3 has full details of all five of the 'central platform' designs.


Safer  Corrals

I'd worked in hundreds of different corrals ( cattle yards, stockyards ) in New Zealand 17 years disease testing cattle, and a farm magazine was offering $10 for a good farm idea. So I draw up 11 different ideas I had for gates, latches and chutes, and sent them in. I thought they mIght be able to use a couple of them.

Well not only did they use all the ideas, but they made it their front page article. And paid me $150.00 for it!  I started taking cattle corral designing a little more seriously.

A couple of years later my “One-Man” corrals began featuring in many magazines, to date 55 articles in magazines in New Zealand, Australia,  South Africa, the U.S. and Canada.  Cattlemen were excited that - what used to take 2 or 3 people to do in a corral - they could now do by themselves.

I have since added over 100 new ideas to those original 11, and put them into the packages below - along with 18 of the best One-Man and 2-Man layouts (scale plans). Cost-saving and safety are the major focus of my designs - along with low-labor cattle handling.


Your questions answered


"Why should I pay for your corral designs when I can get others free?

 One particular idea has saved many cattlemen thousands of dollars on materials. Other ideas will save you just as much on time and labor. And what price can you put on having a safe corral ?

"How will these ideas save me money?   

In 4 main ways:

1/ Material costs. Package #3 has 25 ideas that will save you material costs.

2/ Labor costs. There are 20 ideas on how to cut labor needs in a corral.

3/ Your time. I show 8 ways to entice cattle through a corral - saving time & labor.

4/ A safer corral. There are at least 15 ways to make a corral safer - avoiding costly injuries.

"How do your plans differ from all the others? 

I've always have a knack for seeing how things can be done more efficiently - quicker and for less cost. And after working in hundreds of different corrals I came up with many ways to improve what I saw.

Over the years the most enthusiastic responses to my ideas have come from the most experienced cattlemen. And also from corral builders and experts/advisors in the cattle industry.

"Dave (the veterinarian) says they're the best yards (corrals) he's worked in and tells everyone about them". Alister H, New Zealand.

"I found these plans exciting and practical for anyone in the cattle business". Marvin J.  Beef consultant, USA.

 "How do your designs differ from Temple Grandins? 

Temple's work and achiements are amazing. My designs are more for smaller (mostly one or two-person) facilities. The 120 ideas however apply to any size corral. Package 3 includes a super-fast twin-chute design that has trebled the speed of cattle handling for some cattlemen. (see testimonies page).


"Does the Bud Box work better than your crowding pen? 

It's easy to make a video showing something working well, but then you don't know how many 'takes' it took to get that one shot? The Bud box still requires that you get in with the cattle . OK,  I guess, if the pen isn't too crowded, the cattle are quiet and they know where to go - it can work well.

With my central-platform design none of this matters as there's no need to get in the pen, and no corners for cattle to hide their heads in. .  A much safer option - especially if you're by yourself.

"Cattle flow so well we don't even use sticks any more". Gary M, N.Z.

"I've seen your articles and ads for years, do the packages have many additional ideas? 

While some of the "One-Man" (or One Mam) secrets have been 'given away' over the years in the  50 + magazine articles, there are still over 100 that haven't. And from the feedback I still receive, even the ideas that have been published are still new and exciting to most U.S. cattlemen.

"Wow....what a wealth of knowledge. Great drawings, very organised.". Tim S, USA. 

"What is your experience with cattle? 

I was disease testing cattle in New Zealand for 17 years - working in 2 to 3 different corrals every day, so worked in hundreds of different corrals with all kinds of cattle.  Kiwi cattlemen, and dairymen also,  are well known for their their inventive and efficient farming methods, and I did glean many of 'my' ideas from them. But I also came up with many of my own. 

The following 15 years I designed cattle corrals full time - for cattlemen is several countries. They worked so well that they have to date been the subject of over 50 articles - in 5 countries.

I'm still designing, but only part time as I'm currently building a house.

"I built one of your cattleyards 10 years ago and still get a buzz out of working in them." Graham D, N.Z.

"My Dad has been a rancher for 50 years and nothing much impresses him any more, but these designs made totally sense to him."  PatrickK, CO, USA.

"I'm new to cattle, are your plans easy to follow? 

The layouts are all draw to scale, and include a simple way of marking exact post positions on the ground. All the ideas are detailed in 2D and 3D drawings with full measurements (F&I, or metric if requested). A full summary of key measurements is included  on the back page for quick reference.

"Your plans are excellent and very clearly laid out, even for a novice like me." M. D. Australia.

"My main problem is sorting cattle by myself, can you help with this? 

Cattle breed and temperament, handler, ground, slope, sun, fence style, noise, dogs, other cattle/calves well as corral design - all affect what sorting method works best in a particular corral. I show 5 of the most sucessful methods used to sort cattle in different countries - at least 2 of which enable many cattlemen to sort by themselves.  

"My neighbors were impressed by the ease of sorting and the lack of stress on cattle..." Bill W. Canada 

"Your designs have been a great help... my cows are easy to handle by myself now". M. Pearce, NE, USA.

What is the main focus of your designs? 

Efficiency. Designing a corral that uses cattles' natural instincts to draw them into and through a corral - right to the headgate. This reduces labor requirements,  and also reduces stress and injury. And also improves safety - especially important when your working alone.

"Exactly what I've been looking for but could never find." Dave T. USA.

"I've been a cattleman and fencer all my life and was impressed with what I saw". Dave Y. USA.

"Which package is best for me?

It depends on how many different options and ideas you'd like to see. If you have between 20 and 100 head, and would like package 2 or 3,  I'll add 12 extra layouts to your package for free. I can also add  layouts that handle cattle and sheep together for free.

"I'm very impressed to say the least ...I just enjoy looking at them". Dennis W, CO, USA.

"Everyone loves working in the yards....many people have come to look at them." Katherine C, New Zealand.

"Should I get the online or the book version?

Online package 3 saves you $42 on the book. And you have it on your computer immediately (in PDF so you can alter or add to any plan to suit your exact needs). And you can print just the pages you'll need - or the whole package (a plastic-pocket binder keeps it clean and dry).

If you have particulary slow internet I can either send it to the email of a friend or family, or you have the option of a CD or book (see below).

"Your designs have been a great help.... my cows are easy to handle by myself now". M. Pearce, NE, USA.


Any other questions at all call me on my cell (...61) 481-188-656 (7pm CST is 11am here in Australia)  or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"Thank you for your great ideas. Many people are impressed" Nathan, MT. USA


One good idea can save you $ ....?? over the life of your corral.

Therefore the best idea - find the best.