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for Low-Labor Cattle Corrals 


Designs proven world-wide to reduce corral labor, reduce material costs,

and greatly improve corral safety (see testimonies). 


"I don't know where you get your ideas but darn they work! Phillip G., MO., USA


 Safer Cattle Handling


In the hundreds of corrals I've worked in I've seen more accidents in the crowding pen than anywhere else. But this raised central walkway eliminates the need to get into the pen - making it much safer.  Cattle naturally circle around you into the chute, and it's easy to move between pen and chute.

  There are 5 different versions of this design, including:

*  A centre platform pen with a full circle gate which moves only anti-clockwise - so theres no need to return the gate. This allows you to fill the pen behind the gate - saving time.

*  A centre platform pen with two chutes - swing the gate anti-clockwise to fill chute 1, and clockwise to fill chute 2.   This system greatly speeds up cattle handling.  

See package # 3 for full details of all 5  'central platform' designs.



Online Packages Include:


* 18 One-Man and 2-man layouts (scale plans) 

* 20  ways to reduce corral material costs

   ( including how to build a corral for 1/3 the normal cost )

* 18 ways to reduce corral labor;

* 15 ways to make your corral safer - especially for one person operation.

* 8 ways to entice cattle into and through a corral (reducing stress, costs, time and labor).

* Full measurements for fence heights, chute widths, post depths.....all summerized on back page.

* A clever easy way to locate every post position on the ground.


    Gate L 1 How One Man Corrals started

 A New Zealand farm magazine was offering $10 for a good farm idea. I'd been disease testing cattle in New Zealand for 17 years and had worked in hundreds of different cattle corrals, so I draw up 11 different ideas for gates, latches and chutes, and sent them in. I thought they might use a couple of them.

Well, not only did they use all 11 ideas, they made it into their feature article (front page) - and paid me $150.00 for it! I started taking cattle corral designing a little more seriously and within 3 years I had left my secure Government job and was designing cattle corrals full time. My “One-Man” corrals worked so well they featured in many magazines in New Zealand and Australia, and then later in the U.S. and Canada . They have to date featured in over 50 cattle magazine articles in 5 countries.

I have added over 100 new ideas to those original 11, and put them into the packages below - along with 18 of the best One-Man layouts (scale plans).Cost-saving and safety are the major focus of my designs. And low-labor cattle handling. 





There are 3 different packages.

Each package comes in 3 forms - ONLINE, BOOK or CD


The ONLINE packages you have within 24 hours.

  A BOOK or  CD - takes 10-14 days* (see below) 


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"These are the best ideas for working cattle I have ever seen." Jerry S., Texas, USA 

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Fresh ideas that reduce corral labor requirements

saving you many hours work, and many $, each year

for the life of your corral.

( All in PDF format - easy and quick to download on medium-speed network. Fully printable )


6 layouts + 40 ideas  (60 diagrams) .....$US35.00


The 6 layouts in this package are for small herds. I can add layouts that handle cattle and sheep together - free on request (with any of these 3 packages).


12 layouts + 80 ideas (120 diagrams) ....$US55.00


18 layouts +120 ideas (180 diagrams).... $US77.00 *


Package 3 includes all the ideas in packages 1 & 2.




* The online package (PDF format - quick and easy to download) saves you $42.00 on the book version and you have it 10-14 days sooner.

Also it's harder to lose (unless you lose your computer) and you can alter or play with the plans your computer before printing them.

If the ideas in your package alone don't save you hundreds of dollars in materials alone I'll give you a full and immediate refund, no questions.

If you'd prefer to pay by cash (U.S. notes OK) just tell me you've mailed it and I'll send your package on trust.

Call me with any questions, FREE CALL 1866-274-6483   or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



"These plans are just awesome." Fred L TX. USA

"These plans will save me thousands of dollars, I'm impressed." Laurtie K. New Zealand

"I really appreciate your ideas let me tell you. Great ideas to save money." Ron P., SC. USA.

"Your ideas are the best I have seen so far and I have looked at quite a few." Jim E. TX, USA

"Your plans are excellent and very clearly laid out even for a novice like me." M. D. Australia.  


BOOKS    (10-14 day delivery )


Book with 6 layouts + 40$59.00

Book with 12 layouts + 80$79.00

Book with 18 layouts +120 ideas$119.00


CD's   (10-14 day delivery)


CD with 6 layouts + 40 ideas$47.00
CD with 12 layouts + 80 ideas$65.00

CD with 18 layouts +120 ideas$85.00

 (all prices include p & h)

Just one of these ideas can save you many times the cost of the package.

"Firstly congratulations on your first class cattle yard plans, secondly congratulations on the way they work". Doug J. New Zealand.  

Doug was one of the first to build my corrals and literally halved his cattle handling time. His cattle manager Gary later commented "Cattle flow so well we don't even use sticks any more".


 The 3 Principles of Corral Design



 Cattle - like us - would rather be enticed than forced  (more carrot and less stick). Less stick means less stress and also less labor required to do the forcing, and therefore much safer corrals as cattle are calmer and less dangerous to handle.

There are 4 things you can use to entice cattle into and through a corral.

a/ Their desire to escape.

Always hide the closed end of a pen or chute so it appears to be a possible escape route.

Also once they see they're trapped, cattle tend to head back towards the corral entry gate.

You can use this natural movement to improve cattle flow into the chute. And for sorting.

b/ Companionship.

Using a few quieter cattle, or just one really quiet animal, in a decoy pen or chute, can help draw other animals into the corral or chute.

c/ Water and Food.

Where cattle know there is water and/or food in the corral, or chute, they'll come in much easier.

d/ Familiarity

The way dairy cows readily enter the parlor for their twice a day milking shows how routine and familiarity can help to quieten and move cattle. 


1/ Cattle tend to circle their handler, so with the working area inside the corral, curved fences enhance this natural flow (plus you have quicker - and safer - access to the whole corral).

2/ A circular corral automatically eliminates 4 corners – enhancing cattle flow.

3/ A circlular corral has 12% less perimeter fence than a square corral the same size

and up to 20% less than a rectangle. A 12 – 20% saving in perimeter fencing.

4/ A circular pen - with a central working area - puts you in full control of the pen, in perfect safety.

5/ A curved chute hides the closed end of the chute – drawing cattle forward.



One-Man sorting


. Narrow pens have 5 advantages over wide pens:

A/ They prevent a large mob from 'milling' (circling) making cattle handling easier and safer, especially for one person.

B/ One person (with a flag-stick in each hand) can manage the full width of the pen.

C/ Curved narrow pens draw cattle through them.

D/ Cattle naturally move towards the gates at either end, and

E/ Sorting cattle is easier in a narrow pen.

 All the layouts in the packages - One-Man and 2-man - are designed on the above princples.


"Thank you for your great ideas. Many people are impressed" Nathan, MT. USA






18 scale plans of proven One-man, or 2-man*, corrals that have been proven to entice cattle into and through the corral (see testimonies). Total of 45 plans/diagrams.

Each layout includes a simple way to mark exact post positions on the ground.

* Depending on how many cattle you say you'll be handling in the corral at one time.


 Plus 120 “IDEAS” for :




 Sliding gates with no runner support post to get in your way ( 6 diagrams)

Safe sliding gate with no overhead runner to get in your way. (2 diagrams)

More novel, non-sliding, chute gates (5 diagrams)

3-way sorting gate in chute (3 diagrams)

Triangular chute gate safer and stronger (4 diagrams)

'T' dual function chute gate (2 diagrams)

'L' chute gates move like a frictionless sliding gates (7 diagrams)

Safe chute back gates (5 diagrams)

 Standard pipe, and pipe frame & wood gates (3 diagrams)

 Light, low-cost tensioned-wire gates with pipe frame. (4 diagrams)

 Operating gates from a distance (1 diagram)

 Gate hinges to build (9 diagrams)

 Automatic gate latches to build (14 diagrams)




Plans showing simple design for squeeze area (2 diagrams)

Standard chute and catwalk height and width (2 diagrams)

 Caltwalk tips, measurements and safety ideas (3 diagrams)

 Removable catwalks (4 diagrams)

 Three simple squeezes to build (7 diagrams)

 Dual purpose 'V' chute (2 diagrams)

 Double speed AI chute (9 diagrams)

 Simple anti-backing devices (7 diagrams)

 How to prevent cattle jamming at chute entry (3 diagrams)

 Double entry chutes 25% faster than single entry chutes (2 diagrams)

 Fast heringbone type chute for quieter cattle (2 diagrams)

 Super fast chute system for larger herds (2 diagrams)

 Safe, semi-circular raised chute working area - great to work in (2 diagrams)

 Using decoy bail/chute to draw cattle into main chute (2 diagrams)




Simple weighing area in main chute (5 diagrams)

Weighing area separate from chute (3 diagrams)




Simple but effective headgate to build (3 diagrams)

Quiet wood headgate to build (2 diagrams)

Simple quick-realease headgate to build (2 diagrams)




Simple new calf feeding bail allows up to 3 calves access to cow (3 diagrams)

 Fast handling calf chute (4 diagrams)

 Simple revolving and tipping, calf squeeze and bail (3 diagrams)




Standard loading chute design with measurements (5 diagrams)

 Six possible positions for loading chute (6 diagrams)

 Quick and safe access from main catwalk to loading chute catwalk (6 diagrams)

 How loading chute should come off main chute for best flow (3 diagrams)

 New ideas, alternatives and tips for loading chutes (7 diagrams)

 Adustable loading chute for trailors & trucks (3 diagrams)




Proven fence design just one third the cost of a pipe fence (12 diagrams)

 Other low-cost fence designs using alternative materials (2 diagrams)

 Standard pipe fences dimensions (2 diagrams)




The 3 laws of corral design; 8 ways to entice cattle into and through a corral (5 diagrams)

 Outer holding pens layouts and options (4 diagrams)

 A common corral design showing 20 costly design faults (1 diagram)

 The advantages of circular and curved corrals (2 diagrams)

Rectangular design showing some good design points (1 diagram)

Some novel concepts in corral design (4 diagrams)




One man cattle sorting (1 diagram)

Sorting cattle from center of pen (1 diagram)

 5 different options for sorting cattle (5 diagrams)




Safe new crowding pens operated from a central platform (11 diagrams)

 Safe crowding pens with 360 deg. revolving gates (5 diagrams)

 Safe tub with revolving center platform (4 diagrams)

 Smaller safe crowding pens with central access (3 diagrams)

 Crowding pen gates and automatic latches to build (4 diagrams)

 Crowding pen gate hinges to build (5 diagrams)

Novel crowding pen gates and hinges (5 diagrams)




A summmary of key chute, gate & fence measurements on back page for quick reference.