These are all spontaneous responses from cattlemen and others

who have either seen the designs or built corrals from the designs.


(Full contact details available on request).

"I don't know where you get your ideas but darn they work." Phillip G. US.

"My neighbors are impressed with the ease of sorting and lack of stress on cattle and cowboys." Bill W. Canada.

"I really appreciate your designs let me tell you....great ideas to save money." Ron P. USA.

"I built one of your yards (corrals) 10 years ago and I still get a buzz out of working in them". Graham D. New Zealand

"I'm very impressed to say the least, I have spent most evenings studying the designs ...I just enjoy looking at them." Dennis W. CO, USA.

"The yards (corrals) are the envy of all the farmers in the district." Mike T. New Zealand.

"Your plans are excellent and very clearly laid out even for a novice like me". M. D. Australia.

"Your designs are the best I have seen so far, and I've looked at quite a few". Jim E. TX, USA

"Brilliant... my wild old cows handle like dairy cows now". Mike Okeefe, N.Z.

"Wow, you have lots of fine ideas, Charlie wrote out the check after looking at the first 5 pages". Linda C. MO, USA

"Thank you so much for the clear and detailed designs". Brian Q. Australia.

"Best money I've spent in ages". Pauline C. N.Z.

"These plans will save me thousands of dollars. Most impressed". Laurie K. N.Z.

"Thank you for your outstanding layout ideas". Kevin S. VA, USA.

"These plans are good and we will build many corrals of this model in Texas". Joe R. USA.

"Cattle flow so well we don't even use sticks any more". Gary M. N.Z.

"I appreciate your designs every time I use the yards". W S. N.Z.

"Your plans are very reasonably priced". Jerry B., ranch management consultant, Texas.

"...your cattleyard designs are very good and a tribute to your professional expertise". John M. Australia.

"...really good plans, miles ahead of what's available in Australia". Adam M. Australia.

"Your plans are great, more than we expected". Marg H. Ab, Canada.

"I have worked cattle all my life and knew there was an easier way". Stuart S. MT, USA.

"Your ideas have certainly made my life as a cattleman a lot easier.". Richard H. N.Z.

"..the best ideas for working cattle I have ever seen." Jerry S. USA.

"...very impressive to say the least." Eddie V. USA

"I've been a cattleman and fencer all my life and was impressed with what I saw." Dave Y, USA.

And Dave's wife commented, "He's read it over and over, he's obsessed."

"Your booklet is excellent and very clearly laid out, even for a novice like me." M.D, Australia.

"I am most impressed by the beauty and functionality of your designs." Roy S, USA.

"Best money I've spent in ages." Pauline C. N.Z.

"Dave (the vet) says they're the best yards he's worked in and tells everyone about them." A.H.  N.Z.

"Exactly what I've been looking for but could never find." Dave T. USA.

"Your plans are excellent...a real eye opener". T.F, Australia.

"The plans are just awesome." Fred L, USA

"Brilliant to work in, ideal for drafting (sorting) cattle." Val E, NZ.

"Wonderful....simple instructions, great ideas." B.H, Canada.

"Your designs have revolutionized my ideas on cattle yards." John O, NZ.

"My dad has been a rancher for 50 years and nothing much impresses him any more. But these designs made total sense to him". Patrick K., CO, USA

"Just when you think you know something you find you know nothing. I like the different options for sorting". Kim H., MO, USA.

"...everyone is impressed, but I'm not allowing anyone near a photocopier". Tim P., Namibia.

"Your plans are excellent. Your work has been a real eye openner". Tim F., Australia.

"Exactly what I've been looking for but could never find". Dave Trumble, IL, USA.

" "... the value contained in your literature will exceed the cost many times". Dave Hale, USA.

"Wonderful...simple instructions, great ideas". Barry Heinemann, Canada.

"The cowboys are just amazed with the speed they are able to work cattle now, they just open the gate and cattle seem to know where to go". Anna Herrera, Mexico.

"Your designs have been a great help....my cows are easy to handle by myself now". M. Pierce, NE, USA.

"My cattle are very excitable and your plans make it very easy to handle them". Mark Forland, USA.


Full names and addresses available on request.