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One -Man cattle kraal online packages.


As Paypal has no 'Rand' pay buttons the prices are in Australian dollars.

Due to currency flucuations the conversion from U.S.$ may sometimes work in your favour, sometimes not.



 6 layouts + 40 ideas  (60 diagrams) .....$35.00



The 6 plans in this package are for small herds (10-40 cattle).


12 layouts + 80 ideas (120 diagrams) ....$55.00



Kraal size


Package 2 includes package 1.


18 layouts +120 ideas (180 diagrams).... $77.00

Kraal size


Package 3 includes everything in packages 1 & 2.

Also I can add plans that handle cattle & sheep together - free on request -

to  any package.


Available for immediate downloading 


Ideas that keep saving you money for the life of your kraal.



* The online package saves you US$42.00 on the book.  Plus you have it immediately.

 Also it's harder to lose (unless you lose your computer) and you can alter the plans  before printing them.

* If the ideas don't save you thousands of Rand in materials alone I'll give you an immediate refund, no questions.

* If you'd prefer to pay by cash (Rand notes only) just tell me you've mailed it and I'll send your package on trust. Sorry no cheques.

* If the PayPal button doesn't work for you (it happens occasionallly) email me and I'll send you an invoice that you can pay online to get your package. 

* Any questions call me on (01161)481-188-656 (cell)  or (01161)741-641-240 (please allow for time differences between SAF and Australia). Or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


What cattlemen, and other experts, say: 

"  ...everyone is impressed, but I'm not allowing anyone near a photocopier". Tim P., Namibia.

"My neighbors are impressed with the ease of sorting and lack of stress on cattle and cowboys." Bill W. Canada.

"Your ideas are the best I have seen so far and I have looked at quite a few." Jim E. TX, USA.

"I'm very impressed to say the least, I have spent most evenings studying the designs ...I just enjoy looking at them." Dennis W. CO, USA.

"Your plans are excellent and very clearly laid out even for a novice like me." M. D. Australia.  

"These plans will save me thousands of dollars, I'm impressed." Laurie K. New Zealand

"I really appreciate your designs let me tell you....great ideas to save money." Ron P. USA.






Feel free to email me with any questions   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.